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European Fingerboard Club – grand opening soon!

by · April 9, 2012

So much great stuff for all the fingerboarders out there has finally came to life. The landfill for all your fingerboarding needs, from events to products it’s all there. In this article we will compile everything you need to know about the European fingerboard club.

To really understand the EFC you have to imagine a community of professional fingerboarders inside one building, enjoying time together and having fun. That is the basic but the club goes even further than that. “The organization’s main objective is to promote and organize activities, including management and operation of clubs, educational programs and events allowing the meeting of people interested in the fingerboarding.” – EFC. The basic things that will be showcased in each EFC facility are the newest BRR parks. “The permanent club facilities include the latest generation of parks as +blackriver+ G9 Park, +blackriver+ G6 Plaza, +blackriver+G8 Plaza with space for other large park such as +blackriver+ G8. The premises of the club also offer rail walls in two heights for riders of virtually all age categories” – EFC.

The facility at Prague offers:

• Public Services such as place for competitions, test center, leisure center

• Educational services such as the School of Fingerboarding (will talk in future post)

• And Business service such as reservation of the whole facility for a certain party  The grand opening is on Saturday 14th, April. You can look forward to a day full of fingerboarding and special guests from Blackriver Team will not be missing. The club doors will open at 12.00 o´clock. You can look forward to 100% fingerboarding on a brand new series of Professional Park +blackriver+ G9. Admission is free! Here is their contact page for the address and contact (of course). Hope to see you there!

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