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Fingersk8 – Chessy but quality products

by · February 19, 2012

FingerSk8, what an original name. The website, products, members of the „crew”, everything related to this producer is cheesy. Just go and read for yourself:


I have lived in Portland, Oregon for 8 years. But I never remember it like „the biggest root of all fingerboarding”, that is actually what they have on the website. On almost every page they have a quote „Stick it on Fingersk8!” which is probably the worst catch phrase of all time. But I have to congradulate them on one thing, they rails are superb, and outstand every other producer out there. The quality is amazing, fused with the originality and a touch of creativity, it’s a must for real fingerboard fans.


The one fingerboard that they have for sale is sort of a ridicule, it’s obvious it was made in some garage or something. They also have ‘stick wad’ which can stick any obstacle to your celing, for watever reason you would want to.


But I know I’ll order not once from this company, it seems legit and the rails seems really cool. I found another video on youtube of a guy that ordered some stuff from their website and he was quite happy with what he received. They threw in an extra ‘curb wax’ and candy :0. All in all, definitely worth to try out…



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