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Ace – grip tape

by · June 21, 2012

And so… it has come to this. Nawh dawg! We’re here today to review a great producer of sweet grip tape! Recently, we got Ace’s 5 uncut grip tape pack to review and boy can we say that it is truly comparable to Blackriver’s rip tape. Seriously, read on why. First of all, we can say that we absolutely love this tape. I honestly also think that they got it from the same main producer that Blackriver gets their rip tape from. It’s unbelievable; I am ready to shout it out! If anyone, finds one bad thing about Ace’s griptape, please let me know since I have not found one thing bad…

To sum it up, I believe it is, the best grip tape for fingerboarders, period. I know you are probably: 

But yes, for the 5 euros that it is listed as, (and only 1.50 euros shipment!) and the amazing Blackriver quality rip tape, this is a deal nobody can miss.

The texture is similar to Blackriver’s classic rip tape. It is a nice medium smooth at the beginning and when it wears, you get to feel a more resistant feel that is perfect for high-end tricks. The size is a nice 110mm x 40mm so wide decks are no problem! There is a nice self-adhesize bottom that will stick until you pull it off (effortlessly). I mean… I don’t understand how someone cannot buy this.

For me, I will always use Ace’s griptape on most of my fingerboards since you cannot beat the best quality grip tape for 6 uncut sheets only 5 euros!! I am very proud that I have made friends with Ace and glad that we can work together to make Ace the grip tape producer; thank you Ace fingerboards!

To order or get some more info, click here!


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