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Airflo rails – Elbow and Lisaka

by · February 29, 2012

Airflo Rails are awesome and produce one of my favorite rails, the Airflo Elbow Rail. “This elbow rail brings endless possibilities. You can use it in almost any way possible!”. I think you can use any rail in ‘anyway possible’ but yes, we get that it’s an awesome rail. It’s 11 inches long by 1.5 inches and comes in many different colors. (Shown here is the wagon red).  The price is 25 dollars plus shipping costs. It’s not bad, and Airflo Rails are all pretty cheap.

The Liska Custom Rails were released to the public after Airflo Rails received an order from a customer named Will Lisaka and after his special order grabbed the attention of many people, the design went live. They can be chosen from three different paint jobs, are 1.5 inches high, 12.75 inches long and have three legs. Apparently, they are time consuming and more costly to make so they cost 23 dollars + shipping. 

My most favorite are definitely the Elbow Rails and Liska Custom Rails but every model of Airflo Rails is a good idea to try out.


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