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All Canadian fingerboards – Pour concrete curb

by · May 3, 2012

“All Canadian – not only in Canada!” – All Canadian. It’s true brothers and sisters, All Canadian is up on thefingerboarder.com. They are just awesome for the fact that Ryan has been shaping the company from bottom to top. I can’t imagine no reviews of their products here. It’s “pour concrete’s curb’s” place today. 

It wasn’t that long ago that All Canadian’s website went live. As a matter of fact, it was 5 months ago! But All Canadian has stood its territory and expanded into quite a big distributor. Currently, it distributes Bellow, No comply, Pour concrete, Fusion foam, Woodnote and Reks. Today I want to talk about its Pour concrete curbs.

I remember seeing Ryan’s video of his new stock on youtube:

And getting interested in the curbs but somehow I never got to make the email. Well, as soon as I finish writing this, I will contact him just for that curb. The curbs looked nice and for the price of 15 dollars it wasn’t a bad price. Now the price for the non-painted version is just 10 dollars.

If you watch the video above it will give you a bigger understanding of the curb but I can tell you that they are some sweet obstacles. The difference between the two versions (white and grey) is not big. The white-painted version is apparently a little smoother than the non-painted. It has a nice shape and slope, allowing you to easily use it as a ramp. The texture is super smooth and the edges can surely be used for grinds.

Overall, I think this is a good idea and the fact that it’s a unique obstacle, makes me want to put it into my collection right now. Then I can always ask: “Haha, but you don’t have a Pour concrete curb?” :D. Check All Canadian fingerboards here!

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