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Artifice fingerboards, Finga decks and Evolve decks

by · March 6, 2012

What do all these decks have in common? They’re all small producers while still keeping the great quality of a Berlinwood. I know there are alot more of homemade, top quality decks and I will be sure to write about them one day but Artifice, Finga and Evolve decks seem the most unique, as of now.

Artifice fingerboards are 100% Peruvian work evolved from 3 years of experience in the highest qualit material and inovation. “Since its inception we have applied technologies never before seen in sports” – Artifice facebook. The decks have carbon fiber and Smoothbond technology designed specificaly for the sport of fingerboarding. “Technology makes the difference between gimmick and trick.” – Artifice facebook. -Click here for facebook page- 






Made in the Czech Republic these decks are made from 5 plies of wood, are 100mm by 28mm, medium concave and every trucks fits. “Each deck is hand made with beautiful dyed woods and shiny lacquer, quality like that of a berlinwood” – Flatface.com. There are tons of different styles/graphics between random colored plies or interesting graphics. -Click here for store- 









Evolve decks are handmade in Brazil by Jade Muller which officially started in 2003. This gives him 9 years experience that reflects the amazing quality of Evolve decks. The graphics are superb and make me want to buy out their whole collection. “They feature deep concave and medium/steep kicks, each deck is made with 4 plies, being lacquered later, providing a really shiny look. The measures are about 98mm-26mm” – Flatface.com. Evolve decks have been sold in over 20 countires over it’s history and at the moment only a few online stores sell them. -Click here for store-

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