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04 Apr

Cactux fingerboards

by szymon

Italian Street Style features all new Cactux Wood fingerboards! They’ve been on the market for some time now and finally have another reseller. They look pretty good! Click here for the site!

11 Mar

FBing magazine #5 out!

by szymon

FBing magazine is a great way to taste fingerboarding from another perspective, Portuguese  style! The English version is comming soon and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! click here for more info!

27 Feb

Shen keychains

by szymon

Shen just posted a picture of their new skull keychains on their facebook page. They look absolutely sick! Click here for their facebook page!

18 Feb

Radramps ZeeBrah!

by szymon

Radramps comes out with a totally rad new product, the ZeeBrah. The style is great, the finish is amazing and the company? RAD! Click for more info and the store!

14 Feb

Piratenholz iPhone covers

by szymon

Booh yeah! The next new product from Piratenholz? It’s their totally awesome iPhone cases made from wood. Although they’re not yet on sale, we just have a pictures of it so that’ll have to do for now… :/ Always be sure to check their facebook page for news.

10 Feb

by szymon

Imagizer.pl/kotshop is a store with some neat fingerboard equipment, mostly from Poland which offers a great deal of split-plies and classics, for a reasonably low price. Definitely contains some content to check out! All, right here.

07 Feb

Yellowood mini hydrants!

by szymon

Yellowood released a sneek preview of their new mini-hydrants! They look like a unique edition to a new park, will be thinking about them…

29 Jan

PoPdecks – New decks!

by szymon

Holy moly! A new batch of PoP decks is just out of the oven. New clean graphics with just amazing style as always. Click here for the store!

26 Jan

Redemption deck sale!

by szymon

Redemption is hosting a nice new sale on their store, at $19.99, the stock is soon to be gone! 🙂 Click here for the store!