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17 Jan

Mad Fingerboarding

by szymon

Mad Fingerboarding is a new fingerboard store/company with some amazing products. Sweet looking decks and just clean store makes it an overall great addition to the fingerboard community! Before, I only liked playing video games and used elo boost services from http://elitist-gaming.com, but now that I tried fingerboarding I can’t stop! Click here for the […]

16 Jan

Stoned – Stone Benches!

by szymon

Stoned obstacles shows up with these sweet looking stone benches. Couldn’t be cooler than this! Click here to check out more pictures on their facebook page.

12 Jan

Red Wolf metal bottoms

by szymon

I am sure a lot of you know already that there are metal bottom ply decks but just for a reference to those looking for one Red Wolf fingerboards are a great choice. I heard a great big deal about these decks and cannot wait to review one. Will definitely look into it 😉 Click […]

09 Jan

Meetup north fingerboard meeting!

by szymon

Another fingerboard meetup in the north of the UK. Really cool project and last time was a blast so this time has to be 4 times better 😉 For all the info at FBHQ, click here!

08 Jan

Substance Flaked edition wheels on sale

by szymon

“These German made wheels have some unique characteristics that set them apart from previous versions of Substance Wheels.” Great wheels for a great price and definitely a cool way to upgrade your ride! Note that these wheels are made for Ytrucks, but they do fit on Blackriver trucks as well. Price: 20 pounds Click here […]

06 Jan

OWooD wide decks

by szymon

I was browsing the web for another bigcartel site, but found this one as well. They feature 32mm decks for a pretty low price. The deck that caught my eye was the blue one on the left which looks outright great. Price: $15 Check them out here!

04 Jan

Flatface engraved benches!

by szymon

Flatface has released a nice new engraved bench (with their logo) and for the price, it looks like a sweet deal. Nice granite top with some engravings and overall a sweet place to land some tricks! Check them out on Flatface here!

02 Jan

King Sized fingerboard trucks

by szymon

The trucks are definitely a cool way to upgrade your TechDecks for a low price. King Sized trucks are perfect for 29mm boards (as they are 29mm trucks) and are comparable to Tech Deck wide trucks. They come in 8 different colors and come with all the necessary tools to get your setup, setup :p  Price: […]

01 Jan

Lance Mountain’s fingerboard pools

by szymon

A true legend in the skateboarding world, Lance Mountain is a big role player in the fingerboarding scene as well. He remembers his first fingerboards and how he made them from popsticle sticks years ago. Now, he still enjoys making fingerboard products, such as parks and pools. He recently made some neat pools which are […]