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Berlinwood – Bowl shaped decks!

by · September 6, 2012

Holy freaking shit! The new BerlinWood bowl shaped decks are in stock at the blackriver online shop! We’ve been waiting for this day to come for quite some time now, and it finally has. The bowl shape is just over the top, sick stuff. Wide? Yes. Amazing? FUCK YES! 

“The new Berlinwood Decks are convincing with their classic bowl shape and make your tricks looking better especially in bowls and other transitions. The craftmanship however is on the same quality level as is usual.Why a different shape? A broader selection complies the increasing sophistication of different fingerboard styles. With different shapes to choose from you can pick a board fitting your individual needs.”

In cooperation with crazyleg and great skateboard designers, came out four brand new styles. All of them are fantastic (my favorite would be the Omsa Living Dead).

Fingerboarding has never been better with the new bowl shaped decks.

Here for a place to buy!

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