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BerlinWood Wide Low and LowAsi

by · March 31, 2012

Stylish, colorful, wide + low and of cource, BerlinWood the new Wide Low decks take way today’s post. The 7 new designs are sweet. I won’t list all of the models here but you can check them out here on BRR.

“Compared to the regular Berlinwood decks the „wide low shapes“ have less concave and more surface to a better control. The craftmanship however is on the same quality level as is usual. Why a different shape? A broader selection complies the increasing sophistication of different fingerboard styles. With different shapes to choose from you can pick a board fitting your individual needs.” – BRR 

My personal favorite being the classic shape is… well… my favorite but I’ll get into that topic another day.

My next topic for today that has something to do with the Wide Low, is the LowAsi. “Lowpro & Asi Berlin join together and create the Collaboration deck.” – LowPro. It’s fully amazing like all other LowPro decks. The graphic is not bad, the concave is perfect (more similar to classic BRR shape) and the quality is LowPro (I’ll post another topic about this). The price is 30 euros for the deck which is not that bad taking into mind that it’s a ‘special’ deck.


– Available in 2,9cm & 3,1 cm

– Available in Family Shape

– 5 plies

– handmade

– full hard rock maple deck




Video of LowAsi:

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