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Blackriver – fingerboard magazine #3

by · April 27, 2012


The newest edition of the fingerboard magazine has come to life! Praise the lord almighty! But seriously, whole freaking moly, this son of a beeper brings out the joy of fingerboarding and its freakin’ contents out to your soul. I’ve enjoyed all the fingerboard magazines because it’s not bullshit, it’s real fingerboarding articles and much more. You get the most you can from this holy mother cracker. A truly enjoyable experience for anyone even if not a fingerboarder.

But as we all should know, the fingerboard magazine always cheers us up (at least me) with the sick pictures and awesome feeling. Everything from the feel of the pages to the little barcode at the bottom, it’s just fregin’ amazing. For 4.90 euros it’s an even bigger steal!

In the fingerboard magazine #3 there will be some cool topics such as Battle at the Harrics 3 and a Timo Kranz interview! Check Blackriver’s website out here to buy and for more info!


  1. randy says:

    how can i get a subscription to this fingerboard publication?

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