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Blackriver – Flatface on stock!

by · May 7, 2012

Flatface is once again on stock at the BRR online store! A friggin’ sweet collection of flatface’s great variety of wheels and not a bad number of decks! You might want to get your hands on this; it’s not going to be long when they have to restock again! 😉


“Mike Schneider is probably the best known fingerboarder in the world and mastermind behind Flatface. Both Flatface wheels and decks are professional fingerboard equipment used by professional riders across the globe. Flatface is the finest quality made in the USA and with organizing the most important event in Northern America Flatface is one of the most legit companies out there.” – BRR.

Nice intro and it’s true. A great company like Flatface has to be on Blackriver because they are both the top fingerboard product producers at the moment. I do want to see ramps from Flatface; they need to do something with that. Their wheels are fantastic and that is surely another topic for another day. I’ll see you guys tomorrow on another post (maybe Flatface, hint, hint). 😀

Here for the products!


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