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Blackriver – funbox ledge

by · April 13, 2012

Holy moly, a funbox with a ledge :0? That’s exactly what this is! As time goes by, I think Blackriver tries to fuse many ramps together so that you get the most of your ramp space. I think the kicker on this funbox works perfect with the grind-full ledge.

“It was just the matter of time, when the Funbox Ledge as companion of the Funbox Kink Rail will be released. The kink is also in the center of attention here and invites to all kinds of technical tricks. Thanks to the ledge at only one side of the obstacle, it’s possible to do mad transfers to grind or slide frontside and backside. Maximum fun guaranteed!” –BRR Maximum fun is exactly what you’re going to get. From either side, you can land any trick onto the ledge whether it’s onto a grind or not. For 44,95 euros it’s not an easy decision but I guess we can say that it’s a pretty good ramp for its size and space usage. The only problem I had with this one is the width of the kicker closest to the ledge (it’s just a little too small): 

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