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Blackriver g7 plaza park pictures + short description

by · February 19, 2012

Double set of stairs, Concrete Bonsai Curb, Steel rail, flatland, pretty sweet. The g7 plaza park offers so much more than fun. It’s stylish, great for almost every trick, and compact.

The new, square-like style is much better than the longer, for shorten rides and perfect for practicing tricks. It also has a higher level flatland turning around the flat pyramid for non-stop action. The gap separating the flatland with the ramp bring adrenaline and marks probably the best spot for kickflips and heelflips.

According to me, it is one of those parks that’s good for everything….




See for yourself:



  1. Andrian Blaker says:

    The g8 amd g7 are both really good parks for the price and usage of space.

  2. Gok says:

    how much does the g7 cost???

  3. Donald says:

    how much do blackriver parks cost?

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