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Blackriver – G9 park

by · June 4, 2012

So I feel like I haven’t been talking about fingerboard parks lately. We feel that we need more posts on parks. We know you feel the same way, don’t deny it. We know what you are thinking right now, that we are the best website in the history of the internet, don’t deny it. Today, we got some info on the Blackriver G9 park. Parks… I love parks, who doesn’t? Tsss’ what I thought broh… The best parks are the best parks and one of the best parks is the BRR’s G9. It has everything you need to bring you into a state of immobile trance and to carve out a desire to own it. I think the G9 park is something much more than the other ones; it has non-stop action to bring you a truly engaging fingerboard experience.

BRR’s G9 park is the most action-packed park of its collection, featuring many areas to show-off your talent. None of the ramps on this park can be bought in the store, making this a truly unique experience. The park represents perfect space usage, with great ramp and obstacle placement. There are multiple areas for different levels/skills with each area having many different obstacles; however, the different elements are placed so that you can continue your trick combo infinite times. The most characteristic obstacle of this park is the big kink rail and the long kink ledge.

Lengt: 102.36inch

Wide: 43.31inch

Height: 11.81inch

“The official park of the fourth fingerboard world championships in 2011. ATTENTION! This is NOT the concrete park, its a wooden version! Therefore there is no bump like in the original world championship park.” – BRR.

The G9 park is not available at the moment and won’t be soon but if you plan on buying or ordering you need to directly email blackriver. If you are thinking of buying this, you are WAAAYY too rich 😛

For more info, visit the park here. To learn about more BRR’s parks, check out the official website here

The G9 park on video: 


  1. koltin says:

    how much would they be?

  2. jonathan says:

    how much does the park cost

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