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Blackriver – New ramps online!

by · June 12, 2012

Mike Schneider DOS, Box 7, Extension quarter… how epic could this possibly be?! Well it’s the most epic from Blackriver I have seen released all in one month. This shit is crazy good and whatever you can look at it, it’s freaking awesome. Fingerboarding ramps revolved and put into a brand new packaging with a cherry on top. 

So my articles for 2 out of 3 products have been finished. Mike Schneider DOS and Box 7 (be sure to check them out, lots of info!). This great package of awesome ramps that Blackriver gives us this year is just mind blowing. The sweet redesign takes ramps into a whole new level and looking back at their old versions (such as the original Signature Mike Schneider ramp) looks back at the times you heard about them.

“The box 7 reminds us of a famous Barcelona spot from skateboarding and it looks amazing! Small but multifunctional obstacles is something every desktop needs!”

The prices are cut to a great level like the Box 7 (only 12 euros!), awesome stuff…

Extension Quarter? Let’s put a steal price of only 40 euros!

Bitch please… Signature Schneider Dos ramp? A midget 60 euros!


All ramps make you just beg for more!!! The rush of insanity that reaches most fingerboarders after Blackriver releases a new ramp is too little! We need mooooar. 😀

Good job BRR, another 3 ramps nailed to the hall of fame of fingerboarding! Visit the individual links here for a place to buy and more info:

Mike Schneider DOS

Box 7

Extension quarter

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