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Blackriver riptape “slim & catchy”

by · February 27, 2012

“A new riptape has been added to the product line: riptape – slim & catchy!” Apparently, it’s a little softer, which is exactly what I wished for. No, seriously, if you’ve seen my other post about riptape, it was stated that the classic is a little hard. And it’s available as “uncut” version only.

The new riptape gives the feeling of more durability but durability is not the issue here. The classic Blackriver riptape is already perfect. The new riptape is also thinner, sleeker and mostly for those who like to ride on rough tape.

I’m just writing my thought down from the email I just received from blackriver-ramps.com.  You know, I get this random shit in my inbox folder from amazon.com about the things that I honestly, didn’t even know existed. The worst part is that they send something new everyday. And… my super-important blackriver news gets put into the dark gloomy, spam folder. Argghh, the humanity!


Yes I realize that I am writing about something a little unrelated but we’ll reward you for listening to all this crap. Hmm… how about a video preview of Mike Schneider’s signature ramp:

And finga fingerboard’s 2011 spot:

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