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Bonsei – Jersey Trash barrier

by · April 15, 2012

Bonsei, you know, I have to make a detailed review shortly about them and I won’t even say why. You should know what by now -.- The “Trash” barrier not only exceeds any other ramp in its quality of concrete, but also in its immensely profound structure and of course, Bonsei’s legendary smoothness. This is the curb that you want to sleep with… if you were sleeping with a curb. This thing is so damn smooth, you would think it’s made from soap. You can add some wax to even further multiply its greatness. This curb is surely one of my favorite grind spots, for any occasion. For 34.95 euros, I would say it’s definitely a good deal. The Jersey barrier is quite large and the Blackriver only version offers a nice fire graphic on both sides. You can get them here!

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