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BRR – Box 7

by · May 29, 2012

Bigass Box 7 out since May 26th! Haven’t got the time to put up a review, much sorry for that. My grandfather, and my only true man in my life, passed away May 28th. It is a really sad moment for the whole family. I am putting this up with a little delay but I am sure everyone here can understand why.It’s a cool new ramp from BRR, the unique shape and style is much different from normal BRR stuff if you haven’t noticed! The amazing multiple places to rock the day out with your fingerboard are fantastic. You have two grind-edges (as I call them) for great trick handling and easy access to the nice blank spot for a sweet-ending trick combo.

The whole ramp is in an “L” shape and perfectly uses all space provided; the grass in the gap between the two curbs adds a warm and colorful effect. The big Blackriver tape is featured around the curb and on top to let you know that it’s definitely from Blackriver. In my opinion, it surely fits in with BRR’s collection.

Check out Blackriver’s websites next month for the product!

Short video:


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