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BRR – Winkler DOS

by · June 26, 2012

So, recently, I got quite a lot of requests for the Winkler Dos ramp and after sometime of research and testing, I can finally five you a descriptive review. It’s a unique ramp and there are many things that make it one of the most valuable Blackriver ramps. First of all, the Dos ramp is a great extension of the original Winkler with a nice signature and one side being close to a quarter extension. It’s a great way to add something different to your park, while adding a whole lot of fun. The best setup is for sure two Winkler Dos’ touching against each other for maximum height banks. This is a godly setup but only one alone is all it takes to have a lot of fun with many, many fingerboard sessions.

There are many things we really like in the Winkler Dos ramp. One of the main things is the extremely rigid and stable body. It is of course, hollow but it truly feels like a one wood piece. The plus side is that it’s extremely light, you can carry it with one hand and compact, you can easily place it anywhere. The space is utilized at its maximum capacity with absolutely no inch wasted. This is Blackriver after all! 😀

There is no doubt that while unboxing this beauty; you fall in love at first sight. The nice curves and rigid body are all you need”Jackson Huye at FFI forums 😀

“The first Blackriver-Signature-Ramp goes to the secound round. It still fascinates young and old. Best served chilled, it accomplishes well with any kind of obstacle, but also enjoyed for itself, it´s the perfect company for nearly any occasion. Get the cruise! Only certified with the original Winkler-Branding!”

Length: 21.6 inches, Width: 11.7 inches, Depth: 5.5 inches

I use it in many fingerboard sessions because of the great customizing ability it provides. There are so many different paths/options you can take directly with the ramp and the connections between others are unlimited. Honestly, a ramp worth having in every fingerboard park and table.

Take some time to check out BRR’s site here for more info, pictures and a place to buy! 

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