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Chemistry fingerboards – their trucks

by · April 28, 2012

Chemistry fingerboards are a damn small company. I hardly hear anything from them but guess what; they make one of the best trucks for the price. They first created their trucks and now are in the process of creating great rails.

Obviously, there isn’t much to review but what they offer from the trucks and what I’ve heard from other people, you cannot let this pass your attention. Maybe I saw a little too much for what I know but for the price (16.50 dollars), this is a great deal. They come in plain silver on their website but 

On flatface they distribute painted trucks?? Hmm, ok. The trucks on flatface have been unstocked for quite a long time so maybe are gone for now. It’s says limited edition but I don’t believe that 😛 

“Chemistry is exclusively selling wide trucks. These are professionally shaped, and polished trucks. Painted trucks are not available at the moment. Chemistry trucks are made with precision and take effort to make.”Chemistry fb.

I can’t wait to see their rails and what they have to offer! Check their website out here for more info (not much more) and hopefully more products in the future. Here, flatface distributes the ‘limited edition’.

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  1. Sean witman says:

    Thanks for the review! I appreciate it! I’m currently looking for more companies to sell my trucks. If interested in selling some or buying email me at saosinsk109@aim.com

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