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Dinky wheels – truly unique wheels!

by · April 16, 2012

Dinky G2 are soon to be stocked at the new Dinky wheels website! They will be offered in two colors, “two colored wheels” and “one color wheels”. Heh, sounds funny but too be honest, these are no doubt one of the best wheels out. I cannot believe how a small company like Dinky wheel can make similar quality wheels to flatface or winkler. Wow. 

Dinky G2 “two colored”: 

Dinky G2 “one colored”: 

I have tested a set and I have to say that they are outstanding. You feel that they are durable, heavy and incredible elastic at the same time. The bearings roll freaking insanely, much better than normal bearings and maybe even better than the Yellowood dual bearings.

I tried my best to describe the awesomeness but all fingerboarders need to try them out. Superior quality wheels and bearings made by Polish farmers, a-fucking-mazing. Website here!

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