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TheFingerboard has the FAQs!

Here we include not just questions and answers, but also our plan and goal for the given year, as well as new things related to site news and an explanation to the organization of TheFingerboarder.

Anyway, let’s get started! 🙂

All posts, from November of 2012, are organized into four specific categories, for numerous reasons. The four categories are:


* Reviews

* New things!

* Event/Contest

* TheSite news

* Website overview


Each post will their categories listed on the left bottom corner, as well as tags on the right bottom corner, like this:

Categories and tags
Below are the four categories explained in detail:

Reviews: All fingerboard-related products can be reviewed on the site. Reviews are picked by staff and are product reviews that the staff care to acknowledge for our readers. The products are generally ones that we see as important to review, sent in by sponsors and/or readers, ones that we have in stock, or our own products. These reviews do not cost anything to the manufacturer of the products and are simply ‘regular’ product reviews. Product reviews have the ‘product reviews’, ‘featured’ and corresponding tags. Clients can send products for review, free of charge to TheFingerboarder which helps the reviews become much more detailed.

New things!: The biggest category with new things that come out in the fingerboarding world. These posts make up the majority of TheFingerboarder’s content and usually feature a new product that comes out in the fingerboarding community. Their description is short and sometimes includes a link to a larger post somewhere on the internet. These posts generally have the staff’s opinion as well. The “New things!” posts do not review any product but describe it in little detail. If a product review is posted after a “New things!” post, then its link will be included in the corresponding “New things!” post. “New posts!” are not in the “featured” category (featured on the top of the home page).

Event/Contest: All posts about events related to fingerboarding go into this category. These posts never cost anything and are simply to inform and promote. If you host or know of an event that is comming up or is important to write about, don’t hesitate to let us know.

TheSite news: This category is reserved for all the news and information related to TheFingerboarder.com in general. These posts are released rarely and inform of changes to the website and new things to come.

Website overview: Company as well as fingerboarding websites are discussed in these posts with information about the company and a general overview of the site’s plan.

All posts can be requested as we try our best to give our readers what they want. Please use the contact page to submit your request.


Our goals for 2013 and the end of 2012:

Trust me, there are a ton of new things coming our way and shit is about to get serious. We have stopped with the old method of just posting, rethought our categories and organized TheFingerboarder into a real website. We have a lot of new goals and challenges ahead of us in 2013, that is why this month we are using all our efforts to get TheFingerboarder ready into action. Organization is key, that is why all ‘tweaks’ will be finished by the end of 2012. We want our users to feel like this site is the stop for fingerboarders around the globe. Without a proper system, this will just be a spam website. We have it all covered! By the end of 2012 we aim to:

1. Provide our users with a developed picture tab (our brains are working full power to come up with something neat).
2. Create more videos from our team riders (all our videos are posted on the videos tab).
3. Expand thefingerboarder’s facebook page to give our readers a new great fingerboarding video every day.
4. Stick to the “post plan” as mentioned in our FAQs.
5. Create new partnerships with the many amazing companies and website keeping the fingerboard spirit alive.
6. Come up with ideas for new contests.

and most importantly:

7. Expanding our viewing network into becoming the #1 fingerboard website. By mid 2013, our goal is to be under the first position for the keyword “fingerboard” in Google.

It’s easy to do, especially with two new members added to the crew. Read more about TheFingerboarder crew on the About us page. Our great crew is ready to bring you the effects and we thank you to our amazing 3000 visitors a month who give the great feedback to boost our motivation. It’s amazing how far we have gotten from releasing the website just back in 2011! We greatly appreciate your visits to TheFingerboarder and strive into creating a giant fingerboard network. Your great help is much appreciated like telling your friends about this site, and linking back to us. If you have any questions or comments, please be free to comment below or contact us directly at:

contact@thefingerboarder.com and matejuks@gmail.com

Oh! And by the way, please excuse all posts before, since from now on, we write only the best reviews and news in all of the internet 😉

Questions and answers:

Q: Who are you?
A: We are a team of fingerboarders dedicated to bringing you top-notch fingerboard material. For the whole story, please visit the About us page.

Q: For how long have you been on the internet?
A: TheFingerboarder was registered in late 2008, but we have started sharing the sport of fingerboarding since January of 2012. Our main milestone was in November of 2012, when the site overcame many changes.

Q: How many visitors monthly do you process?
A: In October of 2012, we got 3251 unique visitors. We get more and more visitors each day, and are aiming to becoming the #1 fingerboard news and review site by the end of mid 2013, when we’ll be #1 in rank for the keyword “fingerboard” and numerous others in Google.

Q: Why are your reviews so damn good?!
A: We strive to describe fingerboard products to the highest level. Our two current writes who, are as well fingerboarders, deliver top quality writing material so that the community of fingerboarders can finally decide to buy a certain product or not.

Q: Do you charge anything for reviewing a product?
A: Not a single penny. If you tell us to review a product we don’t have at TheFingerboarder, we will write a “Short review” that briefly explains the product. If you care to send us a product for review, 99.9% we will write a “Complete review”. We do care to get the latest fingerboard products so we try to write “Complete reviews” as much as possible. If you care for a product to receive a “Complete review”, let us know and we’ll do our best to accomplish it.

Q: I would like to become partners with TheFingerboarder, how can we work together?
A: We love partnerships and it is our goal to unite the fingerboard community. If you care to work together or having your link featured on TheFingerboarder in our “partners” section, don’t hesitate to ask. If you can help link back to us, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂