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29 Jun

LowPro – 4 year anniversary sale!

by szymon

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Some more sweet items and deals at the LowPro online store! Many things are up to 30% off so it might be a great time to make your move and get some awesome decks! The prestige tape is also 20% off and offers an unbelievable price. 

26 Jun

BRR – Winkler DOS

by szymon

So, recently, I got quite a lot of requests for the Winkler Dos ramp and after sometime of research and testing, I can finally five you a descriptive review. It’s a unique ramp and there are many things that make it one of the most valuable Blackriver ramps. 

25 Jun

Ytrucks – x3 and quick new things

by szymon

Annnnnddd, we are back after a long period of absences. You know… the FLU and shit. Nawh but we have some sweet things coming for you that will literally blow your mind. Hang in… it’s something to do with the website and will be coming shortly 😉 For now, let’s focus on the new grey […]

21 Jun

Ace – grip tape

by szymon

And so… it has come to this. Nawh dawg! We’re here today to review a great producer of sweet grip tape! Recently, we got Ace’s 5 uncut grip tape pack to review and boy can we say that it is truly comparable to Blackriver’s rip tape. Seriously, read on why. 

20 Jun

Airflo – new website

by szymon

New website haaas arrived on the web. If you haven’t seen it yet, here is your chance! Freshly baked, rethought and redesigned, this work of html is good but a little shakey… I mean, I don’t find anything interesting in it. Well, it’s up to you if you like a plain random wordpress theme. 

19 Jun

FFI – „Do it on a real skateboard” competition!

by szymon

Woah! Epicness overload from Nate Thompson! We just learned about FFI’s new official contest that will take place on the internet. As with all FFI’s contests, I have to see every, single, one entry and judge for myself. The prizes are sweet, the idea is great… can’t wait for the winners! 

17 Jun

Woodnote – new site and product overview

by szymon

Woodnote decks are just fantastic this year! Maybe it’s just me but all of their decks look just fu***** awesome right out of the package; just like on the pictures, even better! Is it a trick? An illusion? Probably just the amazing quality and crafting of Woodnote fingerboards. 

14 Jun

Unique – Unique decks!

by szymon

Unique as is in unique! I think they are quite unique for what they offer, such as the engraved decks and for the fact that they offer many different styles to choose, all offering a different price range. And no, the higher price is not always the best, I personally prefer the engraved decks starting […]

13 Jun

Flatface – rare deck on ebay!

by szymon

It’s Flatface with a brand new deck on ebay!The deck is a one-of-a-kind premium wooden deck. It’s quantity measures exactly 1 so we can imagine some stuff going on in the next days here 😀 Posted on Sunday, it’s price already has 41 dollars marked on it and with 2 days to go… woah! 

12 Jun

Blackriver – New ramps online!

by szymon

Mike Schneider DOS, Box 7, Extension quarter… how epic could this possibly be?! Well it’s the most epic from Blackriver I have seen released all in one month. This shit is crazy good and whatever you can look at it, it’s freaking awesome. Fingerboarding ramps revolved and put into a brand new packaging with a […]