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Fingastix – plazas and parks

by · April 18, 2012

Where do I even start something like this? :0 I can say that this is the best option for someone who wants a BRR plaza but just doesn’t have the funds. The quality is good and the price is just unbeatable. Ready for this?… only 200 dollars for a full-scale, fingerboard park…

“Professional Fingerboard ramps and parks hand made in the USA.  We use only the best wood avaliable, and hardly charge you for our time just the material.  You will not find better fingerboard ramps anywhere else.” – Fingastix. The last sentence is quite amateur but if they are that confident in their products, let them be. The most important thing is that it’s true and I can safely say that they are very close to what they say 😀

The plazas include some of the most encouraged ramps as well as some nice quality wood. The ramps are hard and are good for tricks. I have had many ramps that the wood is so soft you can barely ride on them. This is definitely a topic for another day and as soon as I get from vacation, I will work on more posts of this debate.

Fingastix offer two kinds of plazas at the moment:

For 200 dollars:









and 330 dollars:









Both are basically the same but have different ramps. I prefer the 330 dollars for its half-pipe but honestly the 200 dollar one is still as good. Visit their website for more details!

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