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Fingerplant – lion king deck

by · April 12, 2012

Jeeesuuuuus this thing is so sweet that all my teeth hurt! Fingerplant strickes again with a ridicualously amazing deck. The graphic are amazing. The feel is amazing. Everything is amazing! You cannot miss this one…

Fingerplant originality mixed with Berlinwood quality, fused with Yellowood goodness, with a dip of King Sized madness… you just made yourself THE LION KING. Fuck yea! This machine is gigantic and shit just got serious. Check this out:






I dare you to show me a deck that is better than this: 

And if that’s not enough to convince you: 

Top quality Canadian maple, 5 ply construction, soft feel, medium kicks, wide shape, what more could you possible desire? Click here nooooow.

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