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Flaked – „smudge proof punks”

by · June 10, 2012

Another cool graphic collection has been introduced to the Flaked webstore about 1 years ago (now it’s finally ‘on-stock’… or is it?). For any punk out there who fingerboards, this post is something you cannot miss! Not much of my style but since fingerboarding is getting more and more advanced, we will be seeing quite more of these different styles. 

What is cool about this new collection is the fact that each color has its own design. I generally prefer a new collection that offers a different color and each color is unique. This not only make into collection the boards but also to have fun introducing new decks to your friends and in discussions.

I can tell you that someone had to design these really well since the fact that each color has a different “Flaked” logo, is something special. You don’t see a variation in one collection at different companies. This only adds to the value to own one.

I cannot tell if the decks are ‘smudge-proof’. I think it’s just the name because I haven’t found them to be proof of smudges; I think all decks have this ability to resist smudges 😀

When I asked myself the question of which deck I really prefer, I had to think for quite some time. For example, the pink deck has many elements spaced out perfectly but I’m not such a big fan of pink. On the other hand, the blue deck has a great ‘not-too-much’ element design and… the great color of blue (wait… do I spot an ass or is that just my imagination?). Also, the green and yellow decks are just outright awesome. You cannot choose between them!

So what is this that in October of 2011 they were seen but they are released in 2012? Honestly, I have no fuc**** idea. I will still need to check into that since this website hasn’t been published yet in October of 2011. The funny this is that on the Flaked website we see the news on the front page but where is the actual product “on-stock”?! I am extremely confused with Flaked’s website… you probably have to contact them to order.

To sum it all up, I think these decks are truly but truly, great quality decks judging by everything I talked about up above. I haven’t seen multiple color variants seen in other fingerboard producers and because the design is really unique for each deck I think this is a deck worth to have in your collection! Visit here for absolutely no info on where to buy these decks!


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