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FlashBone Bags

by · February 19, 2012

FlashBone Bags. What more could you want? A lower price for sure but if you have some money to throw away, then this is quite a handy thing. It looks awesome, portable and most importantly it stores everything you need to transport, manage, and show off your fingerboard equipment. It comes in a couple of styles (two on blackriver-ramps). For some reason, flashbonebags.com still has not reached it’s promised ‘100%’ of… waiting? About a month ago it was supposed to reach 100% and the website would be unlocked but nothing happened when it reached 0 seconds :'(. So you can’t find out anything on the producers website. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the only place (major website) that sells FlashBones is blackriver. I see what you did there…

But no, overall I can see myself actaully using this, it’s handy and great for having everything for your fingerboard, when you go with your friends out for a game of skate. God dammit, why didn’t I think of something like this!?



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