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Flatface – Granite Bench

by · May 9, 2012

Flatface’s granite benches are amazing in every way. Hmmm, lets see, they are: smooth, compact, good weight, durable, perfect finish, cheap, many colors, custom cut, marble, quality material to name a few :D. But really, these benches are great for anyone, because they are reliable. They do ship worldwide for an extra 20 dollars. 

“These benches are made from high quality black scratchproof granite. They slide very smoothly, and are a great size for any level fingerboarder. And we won’t make you buy two like some people. We use the best equipment to produce these custom cut benches, which are not just cut up threshold material like cheaper companies.” – Flatface.

It’s true tho, their benches are truly great. You can feel the weight which I sometimes didn’t on other marble ramps. The price is just a steal (15 dollars) and the size is really good (10 inches long). I guess you could compare to my …. 😀 😀 😀

The marble benches come in four different styles on the flatface webshop. Those include:

Black bench 

Brown bench 

Grey bench 

White bench 

Shipping price to US and Canada: 8 dollars

Shipping to other countries: extra 20 dollars 

They also have a manual pad for the weird price of 20 dollars which doesn’t at the least compare to the benches price. Anyway, lots of future articles from the stone section here on flatface 😉

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