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FlatFace – pink BRR wheels

by · May 20, 2012

“FlatFace has teamed up with Blackriver to offer you a unique, specialized bearing wheel optimized for usage with Blackriver trucks.”  I think it’s a great idea, not because it’s cool, but also because it provides a wider shape for wide decks shapes. The last BRR edition was fantastic, and this pink color adds a certain color exchange that is suited for any setup.

“Now featuring a new wider shape like the G7 wheels. No need to use any glue or special techniques to install them, simply screw them on like any normal wheel and roll away super smooth on your new blackriver trucks. These wheels have a specially designed bearing system so that they will run smoother and faster on blackriver trucks than any average wheel on any average truck. You wont experience this smoothness anywhere else. Made with the original BRR Edition wheels material, these wheels are a special limited pink color and extremely smooth.” – FlatFace.

Waaaait, let’s step back a bit into the first sentence; yes, the G7 wheels were fantastic if you haven’t experienced them yet. I have to say they are one of the best in FlatFace’s collection of wheels. They are a wider shape and you can tell something was altered in the bearing because they fulfill every dream when it comes to rolling capability.

The fact that the BRR edition wheels are out is also quite a good thing. Both the black and the pink BRR editions are extremely precise on BRR’s trucks. They roll smooth and have a wide shape that is just amazing with the new wide-low decks shapes.

They say the pink is a limited color which is exactly what I want. They should make more wheels that are a ‘special edition’, like an only 20 limited edition pairs. This would give me a feeling of uniqness of having one 😀

Check the pink wheels here where you can learn more info and definitely buy some. I believe this is something to get on your to-buy list, the only bad thing being the crazy price (40 dollars) which is just out-of-this-world bad; come on FlatFace! Other than that, keep up the good work and I want to see more limited editions!!

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