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Harrier – new items at Blackriver

by · June 1, 2012

Some new stuff from Harrier has been coming to y’all public for some time. You want variety? You got it with all these awesome things from Harrier available today at the Blackriver webstore! Good price and of course the amazing quality of Harrier curbs comes together to bring you the ramps of your dreams! 

Such cool and unique things right off the bat under ‘Harrier products’ here. Small, short ramp, check. Short, long ramp, check. Long, fancy barrier, check. Big, tall curb? Ultra-mother -pff- check all over that biatch. Never before seen quality maneuver brought to you by the supreme prestige of Harrier, the leading curb manufacturer in the fingerboarding bussy-ness.

Gotta lova that smoothness. You can sleep with it. In fact, you will sleep with it. It just compels you inward as it digests your fantasy. Imagine going to bed with these -pfffff-. Priceless. If you haven’t got anything from Harrier and you are a good fingerboarder, then I am ashamed of you. You… you… what have you done…

Best deal for a curb? Ppppffff all of them are great. Say something bad about Harrier, I dare you biatch. I will come to you house……….. and tell you why Harrier is better. Seriously, I will do that. So watch out…

I like all of these great products, but if I have to pick one, it’s “The Edged Harrier”. Sounds bad ass; that’s exactly what it is. 50 euros? More than I spent on your mom last night. So yeah, something to think about.

“Harriers are 100% hand-made by mastermind Harald Schön. The particular ceramic material caters for an especially significant grinding behavior. At least one of these obstacles should be owned by every fingerboarders home. ” – BRR.

Kk fool, time for some facts:

Harrier Concrete “The Small One” (€24.95)

4.72inch width: 3.54inch depth: 2.36inch  

Harrier Concrete “The Small Long One” (€39.95)

9.84inch width: 3.15inch depth: 2.17inch  

Harrier Concrete “The Edged Harrier” (€49.95)

12.6inch width: 2.36inch depth: 1.77inch  Harrier Concrete “The Big One” (€49.95)

7.28inch width: 4.33inch depth: 2.95inch  

Short video, hater:

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