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Hooded – Backed decks

by · May 22, 2012

Hola! Sweet new decks from Hooded commin’ to you soon, I mean now! These out-of-da-house decks are just classic awesomness. The style is great, the quality is great, the  finish is amazing, I don’t see one bad thing in this deck. Did I mention the graphic? It’s just perfection. 

I love decks like these; the ones that resemble a whole company. These are usually ones that are classic, have a sweet shape and having one makes you seem like a sponsor of the company. Maybe not, maybe that’s a little too exaggerated but it really does give you a feeling of being awesome. Maybe I am just always awesome.

Okay so the nice color tone of the deck also adds a certain look. The wood burn shows perfection in color management and adds a sense of uniqueness. The top of the deck is just fabulous (I know that sounds gay but it just is fabulous). The overall thickness of the deck is really cool as well. It looks like the deck is made from a single piece of wood and polished to perfection. That is cool and definitely something you don’t see every day. On top is also a “since 2011” phrase with two cool twigs. 

The shape is great, medium kicks, medium/large concave and just perfect for fingerboarding. The sweet pictures give a really good impression and in reality, it’s even better (seriously).

Included is a sweet package consisting of stickers, a flyer, two grip tapes (uncut and cut) which feature the company’s logo. You also get two more things of which I have no idea are. I will check into that tomorrow and probably update this post tomorrow when I get the info.

Anyway, be sure to check out the new “Baked” deck here. Ahhhh, now I know why it’s called “Baked” (the wood burn). For more cool stuff, visit Hooded fingerboards/skateboards here. More reviews from there coming soon! 


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