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Hooded – new decks

by · July 5, 2012

Finally; Le day has come! A new shipment of the cool Hooded style decks have come to their store and are ready for new owners! Three sweet graphic versions await your decision. To be honest, all three are superb designes… for me of cource 🙂 Hooded decks

I don’t know if you were as excited as I was while reading about Hooded’s Backed decks as well as finding some more info about Hooded from Hooded fingerboards in general on my last Hooded topic. If you don’t quite yet know them, it’s worth to check out the link above. Long story short, they are a great new company willing to put their wood into great decks 🙂

Because of the success of their ‘Baked’ predecessor, the new Hooded graphic-style decks have come to life. Yes, I know we had Hooded decks before as well, but these new don’t compare at all. The new “Blank” color decks are great normal-graphics; these will be always well sold for fingerboarders as a lot of us like plain colors.

There are three great new graphic Hooded decks: “Joint”, “Do the FB” and “Tac Mania”.

First off, all three of them are outright awesome; I would want every single one and every single one can be put into an amazing setup. Take 5 seconds to imagine your favorite trucks and wheels on any of these decks.

To be completely honest, I like the “Do the FB” and “Tac Mania” the most; it’s my job to tell you what I think.

“Joint” is o.k. but maybe I don’t quite understand what they are trying to show in it. The other two are unique and probably used some of their imagination 😉

If you haven’t ordered from Hooded yet, you might now know that they give two sheets of great grip tape with the order, include two stickers and are 30mm wide! Yes, that’s right; their decks are 30mm wide which is great news for pro fingerboarders. I would like to see a 32mm option… 😉

Their trucks…. Wooo I will definitely write something about that; just give us a few days! 😀

For now, visit Hooded decks for more info and of course, a place to buy 🙂

 Tac Mania:hooded deck tac mania

 Do the FB:Hooded deck do the fb


hooded deck joint

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