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Inexp – New things! (Part 1)

by · June 7, 2012

Inexp has a sale as well as great new products; so much awesomeness so far from Inexp this year, only non-stop action with honestly great, unique products. Next plexiglass ramps (you know my opinion on that) come out in 2012, great curves are of course mandatory with each Inexp ramp! 😀 

I want to start out with a few new things that I heard from my fellow comrades and myself. I believe these are the most important from Inexp:

Big Simply – This is THE ramp of the year mainly because it looks incredibly awesome and unique. “Plexiglas ramp manufactured by laser + two palettes; made in France.” Big-ass size and the sweet ‘Inexp’ logo are the powerhouses behind this great obstacle.

Cost: 37 euros

Size: 30x13x4,5cm


Simply + – Another great plexiglass ramp on top of a wood palette. Also manufactured by laser, I actually had the ability to test this one out and oh god almighty… stop my orgasm, lol. Nah but I enjoyed the extreme smooth feel and great, great ‘soft?’ material. Seems as if the plexiglass was made by the gods! I only got this feeling after testing the Simply + maybe because it is more of a pad than an actual ramp which means more space actually riding on it…

Cost: 25 euros


Inox Rail Low – A sweet ‘official’ Iron Inexp Rail with a sweet cut-out logo on the side. There is also the same rail available in a Tall size (Inox Rail High). The Low is definitely my favorite rail out of Inexp and probably other companies as well since the Low shape works perfect here; it presents itself really well (a true fingerboard rail).

Cost: 20 euros

Size : 26 x 3,5 cm


Another cool edition to the Inexp store is the RFLX Deck 2012. It is currently out of stock but once the new shipment arrives, not 2 hours will pass and it will be out of stock again.

“The wooden FingerSkate developed and manufactured by Spinal”

A serious deck with amazing finishes; the quality is there and you can see it on the picture below. It’s even better in reality… honestly. I have not used something as smooth as this. There are 5 plies put in random colors. The only thing I am really disappointed in is that the deck is only currently in 30mm. I love 32mm, sorry :/

Price: 20 euros, Size: 30mm, Link “The Inexp Old Shape Very Special Trash & Skull” is doing better than ever sitting there in its quiet little corner of the webstore… I remember being excited about this ‘special’ but then it didn’t turn out so special when Inexp started producing more and more of this deck until people finally figured out that it’s not worth the 45 euros. Yeah, it’s great and I value the deck and its design but not for 45 euros…

Price: 45 euros, Size: 31×102 mm, Link 










2012 is racking up for a good year at Inexp. Be sure to check back often at www.inexpfingerboard.com for constant new products throught this year; or you can visit us tomorrow; we will have part 2!



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