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Inexp – New things! (Part 2)

by · June 8, 2012

Back to part 2 with Inexp’s new things! If you think all the best passed yesterday, you are most certainly completely wrong! We have just as awesome (or even better) things for you today, all from the special Inexp Deck “France” to the Generic Bearing wheels and Inexp flower pot! Enjoy! 

Inexp Banner Your Mom – I… do not understand this one. You can hardly see the Inexp logo and… I mean… judge by yourself 😛 It’s suitable for something maybe different; the banner would be worth way more if the Inexp logo was clearly visible. I like the color however, which add difference between other banners. All in all, I will still recommend buying since there aren’t that many fingerboard related banners so grab everything you can get! 😀

Cost: 15 euros

Size: 32×100 cm


Inexp Flower Pot – Now… this is what I like! Cheap price, great product, great size… perfecto por fingerboardingo! It’s limited to 12 units or all different grass/flower; once you order you will be given a random one.

Cost: 3.50 euros

Size: 4×5 cm


Inexp Tshirt White and Black – Absolutely nothing to review here; the only thing I can comment on is the quality of the material which is 100 % pure cotton. I can say that it’s really soft. Believe me or not but I am wearing it now!

Cost: 15 euros

Size: M, L, or XL


Inexp wooden ramps – I will review these soon in a separate post because for me, they are just fu***** awesome. Seriously, they are fu****** awesome, period.

Cost: 6.50 – 35 euros

Link Inexp wooden ramps

Inexp Deck Ltd Fingerboard France – Great, easy but attractive graphic design from Inexp. Superb, usage of color and tones with shape to create a nice, easy recognizable “France” Inexp logo. It features the ‘new’ Inexp deck shape (below). The availability is OUT OF STOCK since 10 units were made. I do think they will release something similar, so be sure to look forward to it if you like what you see. Still no wide shape… big disappointment…

Cost: 25 euros

Size: 30x102mm

Link Inexp special deck "France"

“Dream Setup & SAVE 10%” – Basically what this is, is building your own “Dream fingerboard setup” (I think other companies would fulfill my dream) starting from a ‘cheap’ price up to a ‘wtf’ price (what I call it). You pick your deck, trucks, wheels, and a few optional options and you pay!

Cost: 25.20 – 79.15 euros

Size: if you looked here you are a dumbass

Link Fingerboard dream set-up

That is all my fellow comrades! A lot of new things come out constantly at Inexp and 2012 is a year of exploration for us fingerboarders 😀

In a couple of days I will post an article on Inexp wood ramps (amazing) that according to me, are some of the best wooden ramps available today. Be sure to check out the post!



Inexp welcomes Jeff Croix:

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