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Jace fingerboards – New black and white wheels

by · March 22, 2012

Thank you fingerboard tv for this idea. Jace fingerboard is only starting to… start, it’s not developed yet as it should be, because right now, I only see like 7 items for sale on their website (all of them screws or stickers). But thank god for fingerboard tv, who apparently tested out the new black and white wheels. “I´ve tried the wheels on Brr & Y trucks and they fit on both” and “On YTrucks you could use the normal washer system”, so that’s not bad. And I’ll tell you that if they fit on Blackriver trucks, they will most likely fit on cheaper-end trucks like grand fingers

The thing I do not understand is the fact that he should put some kind of info on his website. It seems bizarre to me that he makes no effort to promote his great work. “The wheelcut is precise and clean and the wheels run on single bearings”. We can see from the pictures that the quality is pretty good and the finish is really good. The wheels should be in stock soon so be sure to check Jace fingerboard’s website in a couple of days, can’t wait to see the price on this thing 🙂 

Old Jace fingerboards add; more like a Blackriver add:

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