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Kairamo – fingerboards!

by · July 8, 2012

Yeah! Can you possibly believe that I haven’t seen Kairamo decks yet?! Jessus I feel like a freakin’ hillbilly. But yes, Kairamo hobbies has release sweeeeet deck graphics straight from great designers; at least… that’s what it looks like.

Kairamo fingerboards

Judging by their one and only web-based information (site?), facebook, they seem to be a long-term fingerboard deck producer. Looking into some research, I found a lot of great decks that I like. Here at thefingerboarder HQ we found different opinions but, my word counts 😛

Kairamo decks

Not only decks but great wheels, trucks and full sets were also found. After some testing from great contacts, (thank you, btw Andy) we got some results in so that we can share them with you now! First, I have to say that Kairamo decks are very stable. They are durable and hard decks. Maybe there is a little less amortization when landing tricks, but the fact that your fingerboard deck will last 3 years is not bad.

Kairamo new decks

Wheels… their wheels are quite similar to normal fingerboard wheels so I wouldn’t describe anything quite much here. BUT, (yes… there is a but…) I also think they are hard and a little softness would be so much more appreciated. Please don’t take it serious though, I am extremely picky because I am a reviewer; this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy them. They aren’t bad, but I just rather prefer Substance over Kairamo.

Trucks… touché since I think they are all just simple alibaba China produced. I’ve seen these trucks everywhere and it’s getting sick. Please come up with something original… Kairamo

Full sets are great. The trucks and wheels work good with the decks. Everything feels a little too stiff, but maybe you can get used to it. I’ll tell you that this is not worth much money…

Overall I really value their decks since they all come in limited editions and I am sure everyone can find something for themselves. Also… not many wide shapes so I won’t buy more than a couple for my collection. GUYS, MAKE WIDE DECKS, WTF? WE DON’T LIVE IN THE DINASOUR AGE ANYMORE!!

Price for decks? Around 160RP whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean…

Check the Kairamo facebook page out for more/less info 🙂

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