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Kaliz – new and old rails

by · May 16, 2012

They went over design with this one. The quality of this new rail is near perfect with BRR’s black rails, I would say it maybe even feels the same. It looks spectacular (yes spectacular) and the overall smoothness and finish is just freaking awesome.

Kaliz has a wide range variety of rails and ramps. I really like all of their products; it feels like they are made in a great company and with experience. The ramps aren’t so useful, like the Raper Marbox. I understand it’s cool, but is it practical? They should have made the width longer and the length shorter (this would give you more grind time): 

The price is not bad, 16 euros is live-able.

Other products include all shape rails, like the “Up”, the “Down”, it’s pretty straight forward 😛

Here you can check out each one. The prices are very good for the quality and material (real steal) 😀

And so today, I see a new rail from them on another website: I’m not quite sure where it is on their website, it’s hiding somewhere… anyway, I have to get to review one of their decks which is another thing that I love about Kaliz. You can check their website here for more info and definitely great products.



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