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Karma fingerboards

by · March 27, 2012

A small producer strikes again! I found this out today from unitefingerboarding and decided to give a look and do my own small ‘info guide’. This is Tom’s website, he sells good quality 5 ply (if I’m not mistaken) boards. I really like the nice smooth edges on the decks; they add high performance feeling and add to the style. The graphics are not graphics but the design could be worse. 

This is what Tom has to say on fingerboardhq:

“I just wanted to introduce you guys to my company Karma, we are a deck company out of the NW, and all our boards are 100% handmade with Canadian Maple with exotic, dyed, and painted ply. They are sold for the low price of $15, just so I can make enough to buy more wood and supplies, but these are in no way “cheap” quality decks. The decks feature a medium shape all around, and there is a mellow mold coming out soon.”

At their online store, we see two decks for sale. The 4 ply Karma Deck and the Karma Deck (both at 15 dollars a piece).


4 Ply Karma Deck: “These decks feature the same shape as the standard 5 ply decks, but they are made using only 4 plies to provide a light responsive feel. These decks have gone through months of development in order to ensure the same great pop as the 5 ply decks. If you like a light responsive deck, then the 4 ply Karma deck is for you.”

Karma Deck: “Karma deck’s feature nice medium kicks with mellow flowing concave and dips. These decks come 99mm long by 31mm wide. All decks are made of Washington State Maple with exotic or dyed plies.

-Decks range from exotics, blanks, dyed bottoms, or split plies.

-Different width decks can be requested, but they may take up to an extra 3 days.”


So looks like another small producer that should be added on our site! I’ll surely look in on them in a couple of months to see where they got to. Good luck with your new company! 

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