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King Size – new graphic soon!

by · May 11, 2012


Just got on unite’s page and guess what, a new King Size graphic is soon to come! By the pictures, I have to say that it looks epic. The colors are vibrant which is exactly what I seek in decks. Very cool and truly a must to have. 

Jessus Christ, look at this beauty: 

Puking rainbows right now, seriously. The new “Swag” model is one of a kind. Please let me know if you have seen a deck this noticeable before. I mean, you could spot this from a mile away!!1

I does look like a deck for women (girls, I’m sorry) but for some damn reason, I want to have one as well. And look at this combo!: 

Sticker for wheels! An amazing concept that is just… amazing. I’ve seen the post on the FFI forums and will be sure to report for my duty to write a post tomorrow.

We got a lot going on on the website if you didn’t hear yet. In a couple of days, you will shit your pants from what we’ve prepared for you… 😀

Thefingerboarder crew wishes you an ‘out-of-this-world ‘ day, GO ROCK THE HOUSE!!!

Ohhh and here is unite’s post for more/not more info, peace 😉

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