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King Size – Rollen sticker

by · May 15, 2012


So after much waiting (I was waiting at least), we finally get to come close to the „Rollen sticker” for your fb wheels! This is definitely a great concept that will evolve into definitely something large. Can’t wait how this evolves! 

For 2,98 euros it is quite a large sum of money, after all, they are just stickers for wheels. For some strange reason, you get 6 stickers instead of 4 (I probably shouldn’t be complaining).

“The King Size wheel stickers are all made by hand. All wheel stickers are made from our existing stickers. The patterns of the wheel stickers are unique every time cause we make them by hand. So you can get a different set of wheel stickers as in the picture.” – King Size.

It’s great and all but I hope you understand what I mean, they barely do anything to the remaining stickers, all they do is ‘hand-cut’ a certain shape. I mean 3 euros is kinda funky 😀

I do value King Size and I know that by doing it with handwork you can’t set the price too low. The concept is great, if someone doesn’t start making more stickers for wheels then I will do it. Seriously, we are thinking of creating our own products, soon. So check them out here for moaaaar info! 

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