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Kulture decks – new stock!

by · April 7, 2012


The almighty Kulture decks new stock and style has arrived! Brand new colors, shapes and awesomeness are right within reach. You can visit their flickr to see the new decks. 

Where shall I start? Maybe with a short description of Kulture decks. All I can say is that all decks are made with elite wood. I think it is 100% Canadian maple but please let me know if I am wrong. The decks are very similar to Flatface decks; they are not smooth but fairly heavy with a nice concave and a high durability. These decks are made to withstand almost all weather conditions.

Now I can get to the new style and graphics of Kulture decks. The new decks are amazing and I seriously doubt there is a person that will think otherwise. The graphics are unique and interesting, the layout is perfect and the awesomeness is awesome. 

A not too bad Kulture deck video:


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