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Mad Genius fingerboards – long time no see

by · April 4, 2012

Today, unitefingerboarding.com reminded me of an old friend. Mad Genius fingerboards; they have been on the market for at least 6 years. Their decks were the best at the time I remember and having one was just plain awesomeness. It’s time to help these guys out a little and trust me, the quality is superb. The style and graphics are quite old but you know, the classic feel is always there.

“Mad Genius decks are made from 3 plies of high quality wood veneer, and two layers of carbon fiber. All decks are 29mm wide.” – Mad Genius

At the moment, we have the Marquetry, the dyed and the exotic models. The marquetry has probably the best graphic (as for me) because it’s unique and modern. The dyed is also quite special because every deck is unique with different color designs.

“Soo sick! You may know Cuatro decks, which is the same company as Mad Genius, just without carbon fibre. Both of them are famous for some of the most amazingly glass like lacquer, so that + rad split plies means these are some seriously nice decks! There’s a bunch in stock right now, with free shipping worldwide. Go get one!” – Unitefingerboarding.com 



Marquetry model










Dyed model








Exotic model








I heard that new models should be coming soon because they should be coming soon. So be sure to check out their website in a couple of days!

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