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Manual Ramps – Website

by · November 10, 2012

Manual Ramps are a company from Brazil producing great wooden ramps similar to the Blackriver ramps. Their website design is great and the products look really cool judging by their quite professional photos. With all these companies popping up, it’s hard to keep up! 

Looking at their home page, we see some new products underneath a slideshow featuring an impressive “Manual skatepark”, so quickly, excited me, I go searching for this park! But first, I want to get a glimpse of the new ramps looking quite similar to the Blackriver ramps. Ranging from $23 to $60 dollars, and from 43 to 120 Brazilian Real.

The three categories or their products are: Ramps, Vertical (?) and Street. And then under the “Categorias”, you see Manaul Ramps listed as the producers. This gives a hint that they might be selling other manufacturers’ ramps later on.

Under the “Ramp” category, there is a solid looking Half-pipe. With the price of $60 dollars its not a quick choice. But, we gotta give it a chance, right? Manual Halfpipe fingerboard

Next up is the “Vertical” category. Aaaaand why the fuck is there the same “Half-pipe” from the previous category? We also see the “Mini rampa” and the “Micro ramp”. I don’t think this needs any explanation. They go in 10 (Brazilian Real) increments decreasing from the original “Half-pipe”. Kink Ledge ManualRamps

Pick Nick fingerboard

Hoping for something exciting, we go to the “Street” category only to find three ramps: their “kink-ledge Manual”, “Mesa pick nick Manual” and the “kink-ledge2 Manual”.  All is basically obvious, except for the price. Wtf why is it so high? The product better be good! Judging by the pictures, they do look good and sturdy… but it may be photoshop ;P

Where… is… the Manual park!!! I had my hopes up so much :’( Oh well, all that is left of it is the mysterious picture:

Manual Skate Park

… and picture like these that make me want to check on new things with this company: Manual products

Manual Ramps products

I will be looking more at their company and trying to find more stuff to write about them since it honestly does look like a company worth looking into. Be sure to check out the Manual Ramps website out!



  1. Manual Ramps says:

    Thanks TheFingerboard.com for your reviewww.

    First of all YEAHH!!! We are inspired by the Germany. Not only by fingerboard ramps, but by their designs, arts, musics… lifestyle.

    Our website went online since last month, you right, W.. was that?? it was fixed by now.

    The Manual Ramps prices are offered in Brazilian Real on the website only till now. If you want to check the price in US Dollar, AUS Dollar or Euro, a convertion have to be made. We will work on it soon to make it easier for international customer. Follows a convertion chart to give some idea about the prices:

    Brazilian Real U.S. Dollar AUS Dollar Euro
    Half-pipe 120 60 56,24 46,15
    Mini-ramp 110 55 51,56 42,36
    Pick-nick Table 46 23 21,57 17,07

    Actually, they are half of the price or less. How does it sound now? Much better.

    The mysterious Manual skateparks… We got some of them around doing its job, feeding fingerboarders in 2 different cities already (in pro sk8 shops and Indoor sk8 parks)!

    Please, check these out!!


    Thanks Again Thefingerboarder.com
    Cheers !


    • szymon says:


      I figured I made some mistakes and since it was really another author that gave me the info, I will surely edit this to make sure we eliminate all our mistakes like this. I am glad to have you here at TheFingerboarder and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know. Thanks!

      – TheFingerboarder crew

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