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Mitt – kicker

by · May 8, 2012

This is quite an old ramp but still legendary. I remember getting this ramp and actually enjoying unlike any other. It was special. The quality was good and the feel was amazing. It couldn’t have been better for the price. Handmade, this kicker is one of a kind. 

It might not look so compelling and after all, it is a kicker but what is a park without a kicker? Mitt’s ramps also have a cool metal ‘ride-up’ that makes it easier to ride up the ramp. Hmm, what else… the ramp is hollow and the wooden layers really block the sound which is quite unique as I don’t see it in many wooden ramps. The price of the kicker is 14.59 euros.

Overall, another very nice ramp from Mitt. I strongly suggest this because of its attractive price and great quality. Here you can visit their website to buy. Below is a short video of how the ramp is made. Below is also a video on how they make their great decks which I believe I covered in another post some time ago.

There is also a rail version for around 17 euros I believe: 


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