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No comply Lab Wheel Duals

by · March 28, 2012


Our friends at unitefingerboarding.com have posted a review of No comply’s newest wheel, the Lab wheels Duals. So what better opportunity to say something about the new wheels and maybe wheels in general at No comply distribution… 😀 

So the new wheels are dual bearing instead of the single bearing they were. There is still going to be a single bearing version available but for the hipsters they have the other option. I am pretty sure I read that they are useable on all trucks, pro or Chinese. The wheels are normal so basically it mean they are the best in the industry as of today. Because believe it or not, No comply wheels are freaking amazing. The bearing is just superb and rolls like a freaking roller (if that makes any sense). All of their wheels are awesome. It’s just what style you prefer that makes the difference. 

My favorite are the Mad Cow wheels. For the price of 29 dollars it should be very good and it is. I literally feel like a sir using these on my BRR trucks. They are like actual skateboarding wheels but minature and not all fingerboard wheels are that precise 🙂 

“No Comply proudly offers the first of our hand made wheels. They are hand made, in house by Todd himself. They are close to Roll9/V6 shape and are single bearing wheels. They feature and incredibly smooth ride, and the method in which they are manufactured, the color options are nearly limitless.” – No comply obviously

And this is the video of the new Lab wheels:





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