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No Comply T1 – Blank Deck

by · November 12, 2012


The No Comply T1 blank deck is the simplest of all their fingerboard decks but in no way the worst. In fact, all the basics of fingerboarding are packed into this. No Comply T1 - Blank Deck

From first glimpse, we can already see a nice, classic shape with a smooth wooden surface. The layers are nice with no color in them. They look quite durable and at close sight offer an interesting kick style. Apparently, the further toward the tip you go, the steeper the kick is. Hmm, time to try it out!

Performance is okay. The definite support behind this deck is the simple great medium concave included in a pretty long deck of 101mm. I like the kicks since I get a feeling they are a perfect balance for those who want theirs medium/high. That is the best way to put it but me being a medium kicks fan, didn’t experience any difficulties. The weight is of medium standard since it feels like you have something under your fingers in flight. This is not necessarily bad, but often makes pops shaky when used to other decks. For granted, you can feel the weight no doubt. The wide shape of 30.25mm balances the problems out with an amazing spread of its center of gravity. For example, if you start with a nice kickflip, it will go into the spin flawlessly and help you land it easily.

The graphics are all random bottoms with mixed colors. They are incredibly glossy and go beyond shine while in sunlight. Pretty weird if you ask me, I haven’t experienced this in any decks. I guess price does matter. Having the red deck that I got, I found it to be a perfect color and contrast.

Overall, a nice blank deck but takes time to get used to. Not something you can start riding straight away. The price is average but not terrible either. You can definitely know you’re getting a nice chunk of wood so if you were going to use your fingerboards to heat up the oven, the T1 deck would be your choice. Of course, that is exaggeration because while I took the time to review this deck with trucks and wheels, I found it to be a nice pick for a fingerboard complete. Beginners and Intermediates can use this deck without a problem.

Price: $22.99

Size: 30.25mm by 101mm

Go check this deck out right here! 🙂

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