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Oak wheels “Link”

by · March 20, 2012

„Oak Wheels Link are a mix of Pink and Loz. Why this mix? When Loz came into the team, Pink was his favorite color, after a few generations is time to recognize all the support give by Loz since the start of Oak Wheels. Its not a pro model, but a recognition to a rider that represents the Mucho Feeling essence. They are a Flour Pink RV Generation were the relation grip/performance is increased and one of Oak Wheels favorite color.” – Oakwheels 

Just another item to buy from the week, oak wheels has my favorite wheels out of all. I can’t wait to do a comparison between flatface, blackriver and oak wheels because I almost know that oak wheels can surpass the others. Oak wheels are incredibly sturdy and efficient. The “Link” model has just arrived in the store and in history. You must admit, there is something special about pink fingerboarding wheels and the only set-up they wouldn’t be suited for is pink trucks. 

Another thing you need to know is the near perfect material that was used. The wheel isn’t glossy and doesn’t slide when you push it sideways. The problem with cheap wheels is that they don’t ‘grip’ well to the surface when pushed in the wrong direction. This might seem weird but the actual thing you need is the bearing to be functional in a fingerboarding wheel, not for the wheel to be polished. The “Link” model is perfect for this. The wheel rolls extremely fast but doesn’t slide when you push the fingerboard to the sides. The price is… okay, 27.00 euros but If you like Oak wheels and the color pink, this is a go for you!


Old oak wheels video:

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