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Oak wheels – Royal blue epicness

by · May 17, 2012

All blue wheels looks awesome. These are from Oak. Gfagifsodmfocsa I love my life!!! No but seriously, this is what alot of people have been waiting for. There is something in the color of Blue that will perfectly work together with the great quality of Oak wheels.

“Released in RV Generation were the relation grip/performance was increased, this Royal “Flour” Blue will pop from your setup.” – Oak wheels.

It will definetely pop out… from a mile away. White wheels are good, black wheels are great, but blue is amazing. Imagine your fingerboarding right now with blue wheels. To be honest, I think all setups would look amazing with blue Oak wheels.


You just want to scoop them off your screen and pop them in your mouth. So delicious. The feel of riding something like this makes you want to scream in harmony.

Apparently, Oak realeased their new grip and performance shape in this wheel so it will be something to test out! The perfect compilation of bearing and material make Oak wheels work efortlessly with all trucks.

It’s intersting to see all these great companies make great quality products, especially wheels. All are different, all are amazing and always have something new to offer. Check out these new Royal Blues here!

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