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OneWay – bearing wheels

by · May 24, 2012

Heard of OneWay before? Probably not but after getting some info and looking over their products, I got to check out their bearing wheels. I can surely say that their wheels are great quality featuring most of the things that normal bearing wheels have. They are pretty realistic and have an ultra-smooth roll. Looking at their wheels site, you can see basically two groups of wheels, the “HP” and the Econoway/Limited wheels. For the purpose of making my and your life much easier, I split this post into two parts (try to guess).

The HP “Widow” bearing wheels:

We have two colors, black and white. Glad to have that covered; now, the black wheels seem like a slightly different shape. The black wheels definitely suit me more than the white because of the much more realistic shape (while on your fingerboard they actually look like miniature skateboard wheels). Both wheels are made from good quality material and have an unbelievable roll caused by the great single bearings. The black wheels cost 15.99 dollars and the whites are 17.99 dollars. Overall, I think definitely worth the money! 

Econoway/Limited edition bearing wheels:

For some reason I always say Economy instead of Econoway (cool name btw); the econoway wheels are practically the same as the limited edition (the limited edition having “rare” colors (orange and dark blue/purple)) but cost only 7 dollars compared to the limited who’s price is 15 bucks! I don’t see what you did there…

The econoway and limited edition wheels are great wheels for the price (especially the Econoway). The wheels are made from okay hard plastic. I would say they are an upgrade from non-bearing wheels for noobs (sorry kids); I like the bearings which are the same in the “HP Widow” wheels that, as you already read up there ^ are fantastic. The Econoway wheels come in black, white, yellow, blue and red which is a nice variety. The limited are in purple and orange and because of that they cost 8 dollars more; beats me. 

All in all, these wheels are all amazing for the price and quality. I would recommend the HP Widow to anyone in the search of smoothness like you’ve never seen for a low price. Check out here for more info on each product!

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